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•  Further pursuing doctoral studies for a PhD degree in religious studies, philosophy, Chinese literature, sociology, or anthropology.

•  Attending national exams to join civil services in the field of religious administration.

•  Teaching in Buddhist or theological institutes, centers for general education in university, or community colleges.

•  Conducting religion-related research, consultancy, or administrative management in religious organizations or in the social welfare sector.

•  Conducting planning or research development in cultural and media sectors, foundations, and research institutes.


•  To cooperate with teachers from other departments who specialize in religious or Buddhist studies to further enhance our research and teaching level.

•  To hold academic conferences on folk religions, Chinese religions and Buddhism and participate in international academic activities.

•  To enlarge institutional resources and seek for more scholarships provided by social groups.

•  To engage in academic intercourse with religious departments in mainland China .

•  To invite eminent scholars to be visiting professors in the Institute and seek to set up PhD program.

•  To have religious dialogues with various international religious groups and engage in Buddhist research works at the international level.

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